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Why Go Anywhere Else?
Serving All of Central Florida

How Your Home Benefits From Window Awnings

blue awning over white aluminium frame window of shop

Awnings are more than just a great patio feature. Awnings also work wonderfully on windows. Window awnings look and operate like the ones used over patios and offer a huge array of benefits that make them a smart investment for any homeowner. Here are just some of the ways that homes are improved with this type of installation.

Reduce Cooling Costs

Unlike draperies and blinds, it is possible for an awning to shade a room while still letting in some light. But the shade can help you save money on summer cooling bills by preventing the heat from entering the home. An awning reduces the heat entering the room by about 60-75 percent. 

The amount of sun protection the awning provides depends on where it is used. You can maximize the amount of energy you save by installing an awning over all of the windows that receive direct sunlight for multiple hours a day.

Block Some Rain

Awnings can also protect open windows from rain. Not all water is blocked from entering the home, but an awning does provide a buffer that reduces the amount entered if one of your windows is accidentally left open in a rainstorm. Awnings also divert rainwater away from your house, protecting the exterior trim around the window. 

Stop UV Damage

The sun has the potential to damage anything that it comes in contact with for extended periods of time. UV damage is commonly seen in furniture, flooring, and curtains. Even people that frequently sit in front of the windows are at risk.

Sunlight makes fabric and painted surfaces fade and causes paint to peel. The rays also cause wood to warp and dry out, causing cracks. Exposure to sunlight, even through a window, also increases the risk of skin cancer. 

Protect the Foundation 

Water is always a potential risk to the foundation of your home because it erodes the material and increases the potential for leakage into the basement. So anything that diverts some of the water away from the home will reduce the risk to your house.

As we discussed earlier, awnings divert rain away from the exterior of the home, which reduces the amount of rainwater that reaches the foundation. An awning is an additional layer of protection against runoff, and it protects the home from any rain that comes in at an angle and is not caught in gutters. 

Reduce Delicate Landscaping

Heavy rains strip petals from delicate flowers and washes away the soil and mulch from the garden. An awning protects everything under the windows where they are installed to help lower the cost of maintaining gardens. 

Improve Exterior Appearance 

The right awning design dresses up the exterior of the home. A bland exterior can become instantly unique when property owners add awnings. Likewise, an already beautiful exterior is made even more eye-catching thanks to the burst of color or a subtle air of elegance the window coverings offer.

Many people choose to coordinate the material over their window features with their patio awning, the trim color of the house, or even with the main color in their flower gardens. 

Home sellers that want their house to be the one that stands out on the street or in online advertisements should consider adding awnings to their windows. Homes sell faster when they stand out with curb appeal. Patio and window awnings accomplish both of these tasks. 

Metal and canvas awnings flatter any style of home. At Sunstate Awning, we work with our clients to find a material, color, and pattern that appeals to them. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.