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Why Go Anywhere Else?
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How-to Prepare for an Patio Awning Installation

man installing awning

Homeowners choose awnings because they want shelter from the sun, a cooler place to get a little fresh air and an attractive accent for the exterior of their home. Awnings provide all of that and there is so much variety in color options and sizes in fixed or retractable awnings that something is available for everyone. 

All customers are welcome to perform the installation themselves, but it is usually easier and more secure if a custom awning is professionally installed. Of course, there is still plenty of work for the homeowner. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an awning installation after the decision to purchase one has been made. 

Get Correct Sizing

An awning that is too small will not provide the coverage needed, and oversized awnings look awkward. Since the fit needs to be just right it is a good idea to arrange a home consultation with an expert. They work with the homeowner to make certain the coverage is ideal for every home and the final look flatters the exterior perfectly. 

Think About Color

The color of the material is very important. Customers need to choose the color they love that also blends well with their current exterior decor. Determine the amount of sunlight to filter and whether or not to include matching window awnings. There are hundreds of colors available, so prepare to spend some time browsing through all of the options. 

Check the Yard

Branches hanging over awnings are sometimes a hazard.  A worst-case scenario is a branch or limb coming down in a storm and damaging the awning. Even if this does not occur the tree will still shed leaves and other debris onto the canopy over time and this increases the cleaning and maintenance it requires.  

Trim back any questionable branches because their shade is no longer needed to cool the patio. Consider the placement of any other landscape features like shrubs or flower gardens. These may make the patio feel crowded once the awning is installed. They may even be in the way if entertaining increases after the patio is transformed. 

Inspect the Home

Wash away any algae or other dirt collected on the siding of the home before the awning is in place. This will ensure that everything is pristine and ready for use after installation. Look for any vents, downspouts or exterior lights and decor that is hung where the awning will be secured to the home. These items need to be removed before installation begins.

Plan the Layout

Most people enjoy refreshing their patios after an awning is installed. Their addition makes patios seem like a whole new room. The cozy space will begin to seem more like an extension of the home than just an outdoor seating area. Use the color of the awning to help plan what types of flowers, planters and even throw pillows will complement it best. 

Plan a Party

Invite some guests once the work is complete and the patio is ready for view. The effort and investment were done to make the outdoor space more enjoyable so why not share it with everyone? Show off the upscale beauty of the design to friends and family, and let everyone discover how much convenience and comfort it instantly provides. 

Homeowners get beauty, comfort and energy savings from a single purchase when they buy an awning. There are very few other items that offer as much as this simple, yet stunning functional accessory. At Sunstate Awning & Graphic Design Inc., we have a design for every home. Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a consultation.