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Why Go Anywhere Else?
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How an Awning Improves Patio Gardening

Patio Gardening

Many people want fresh vegetables and herbs but do not have the time, energy, or yard space for a traditional garden. Container gardens fill this need while they also add life and color to a patio. Anyone who avoids awnings because they worry they would harm their patio garden can relax. Awnings help to make a garden safer and more productive in several ways.  

Control the Heat

The compact soil in a pot heats up faster than ground soil. Not all plants can handle the blazing heat of constant sunlight, and the higher temperatures of the soil add to the overheating. The leaf temperature of plants in the sun is often hotter than the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

Plants use evaporation to regulate their temperature, and the constant effort can reduce their ability to grow. An awning shields the heat from the sun when it is directly overhead and at its warmest, but it allows light to filter in during sunrise and sunset. You can adjust a retractable awning to give each plant the amount of light it needs for the best growth rate.   

Have More Options

Large pots hold more soil and regulate temperature easier, but they become heavy when filled and take up a lot of space. An awning can help to control the heat so you can use smaller containers. The benefit of small pots is that you can build shelves for stacked rows of herbs or veggies, so even a small patio can produce a large yield.

Shield the Rain

Heavy rains can overfill containers and wash soil and fertilizer onto the patio. Waterlogged plants suffer from the lack of oxygen in their soil. The level of carbon dioxide and ethylene gases build up around the plant roots and fungi grows. The roots may rot, and the weakened plant becomes vulnerable to pest infestations and disease.

Awning material is water repellant to help hold out most of the rain. You can sit out on the patio and stay dry during an average rainstorm. Less moisture also reaches the patio even in a severe rain event.

A patio cover reduces the need to take additional steps to protect the plants when rain is in the forecast. You no longer need to drag containers in and out of your home during a period of wet weather or remember to cover them before you leave home for the day.

Have More Variety

Some vegetables do not like long hours of full sun. A container gardener with an unshaded patio does not provide the optimum environment for products like lettuce, broccoli, or certain herbs. Radishes, onions, and kale only need a few hours of sunlight. Installation of an awning can broaden the potential of what you grow for yourself.

The variety of vegetables is not the only thing that increases when there is more shade. Many plants need shade to thrive as well. An awning makes it easier to fill the space with decorative plants too, like ferns, ivy, and many others.

Garden in Comfort

Container gardens are not maintenance-free despite the lack of weed growth. You still need to water your garden, remove dead foliage, and transplant and harvest as needed. An awning helps with this because it makes the patio cooler and more comfortable. It also makes it easy to stay mud-free while doing these tasks on a rainy day.

Awnings makes life easier and more comfortable for nearly every homeowner no matter what outdoor hobbies they enjoy. At Sunstate Awning, we can design an awning that will fit your home and yard perfectly. Contact us to get started.