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Why Go Anywhere Else?
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4 Reasons to Install an Awning Over Your Patio

You love your outdoor patio, but if you find yourself only enjoying this space of your home when the weather is agreeable, you aren't getting as much out of this area as you should be. An awning is an excellent way to provide shade and protection for your patio space while accomplishing an easy install that isn't hard on your budget. Here are four reasons to install an awning over your outdoor patio.

Furniture Protection

Any outdoor furniture that you commonly put away in foul weather, such as tables, chairs, settees, and decorative rugs, can be protected under an awning. Awnings are designed to be weatherproof and durable, which means no matter how hard it rains or snows, anything underneath them should remain intact and dry. If you are tired of constantly having to move your outdoor furnishings when the weather turns, investing in an awning is an ideal solution.

Ample Shade

Shading your patio so you can enjoy it during the high heat of the day can be a challenge. An awning provides ample shade, keeping the sun and its harmful rays from penetrating through its thick weatherproof material. If you want to control just how much shade cover and overhead protection your patio has, then invest in a retractable awning.
A retractable awning is a type of awning that you can roll back similar to a window shade or blind. It attaches to your home above your patio and gives you the freedom to pull it out for complete patio protection or just partial shade so you can still let the sunlight in. Talk to your awning or canopy specialist about retractable awnings and how they can be beneficial for your home.

Custom Design

Not only can an awning allow for overhead protection when you want it, but also it can make your patio more attractive as well. Awnings can be customized in design and color to bring out the appealing features of your home. You can add cheeky allure to your patio by having awnings in vibrant stripes installed over your door, or opt for a bold hue in a complete canopy design for full patio coverage. Common colors for awnings include the following:
  • Hunter green
  • Navy
  • Brick red
  • Yellow
Keep in mind that brighter awning hues can be easier to keep clean than lighter hues, such as white or cream. Talk to your awning install specialist about custom awning designs if you want to add greater attraction to your patio's design.

Versatile Use

An awning doesn't have to be permanently installed over your patio to be fully functional. You may want to consider having a portable awning designed for your home use so you can place the structure wherever you wish. After the awning is designed to fit the shape and size of your patio, you can place it over your patio, in your yard where the children play so they can have shade or even near your garage for added shelter for your outdoor equipment.
On days where the weather is fair but you want to extend your entertainment space for a large group of people, your awning can be placed at the border of your patio. If you wish to have a portable awning designed for your home's use, your awning specialist can create a custom style for you that is durable for your area's weather conditions.
An awning can make your patio and other outdoor areas more enjoyable to be in. There are many styles to consider, so sit down with your contractor to discuss the different styles before making your purchase. At Sunstate Awning & Graphic Design Inc, we design custom awnings for your home needs.